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Namislov spinning tops

Optical phenomena
It is simply fascinating to experience the effect and how our eyes are surprised when these different graphic spinning tops are rotated. Each has its own special character and appeal depending on the speed of rotation. "Exzenter" looks like a floating disc and "Ooval" becomes an imaginary circle. Ptically fascinating!

Product information:
9 cm Diameter (Swingus, Spiritus, Fidibus, Solarius)
12 cm Diameter (Exzenter)
15,2 x 10,5 cm (Ooval)


Ulrich Namislow

Article number:
Art.-No. 9905    Exzenter
Art.-No. 9906    Ooval
Art.-No. 9910    Spiritus
Art.-No. 9910.1 Solarius
Art.-No. 9910.2 Swingus
Art.-No. 9910.3 Fidibus
Picture from left to right: Swingus, Spiritus, Fidibus, Solarius
                                        and Exzenter as well as Ooval

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