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Sand pendulum

Still object in loud times...
Without a sound, the metal point draws fascinating, ever smaller elliptical traces in the sand. Formations of countless layers of ellipses are produced. A gentle impulse starts the swing and one can experience and feel the inner peace which comes from the harmonious movement of the pendulum. With its direct light, the tiny LED lamp emphasizes the structures in the fine sand.

Product information:
H 55 cm, Diameter 31 cm
Sand pendelum

L4.5 cm, Durchmesser 3.5 cm
Sand pendulum light

Sand pendulum impulse

Jürg Naef

Article number:
Art.-No. 1700 Sand pendelum
Art.-No. 1700.3 Sand pendulum light
Art.-No. 1700.4 Sand pendulum impulse (on request)

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