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Movement creates illusion
Two unequally sized half spheres which are joined together – and fit snugly in the hand? Torsi can do this too. However, it is really a spinning top of a different kind. Its asymmetrical centre of gravity makes it swing to and fro, resembling a flower opening and closing. Hard to describe but beautiful to watch.

Product information:
Spinning top small, Diameter 4 cm, green, orange, yellow
Spinning top middle, Diameter 5 cm, green, orange, yellow
Spinning top big, Diameter 6 cm, green, orange, yellow

Yasuo Fujioka

Color design:
Naef Spiele AG

Article number:
Art.-No. 9890 Torsi small
Art.-No. 9891 Torsi middle
Art.-No. 9892 Torsi big


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